About Us

Hello friends!

Welcome to Stark Mill Creations.  I am Barbara, co-owner and designer. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and believer.  I love our family, serving in our local church, animals and birds, gardening, working on websites, cardmaking, painting and more.

Tom is my husband, co-owner and encourager. He has a great eye for design and color that I rely on. Among his other skills are tech writing and web development.

I am thrilled you have arrived at our website and hope you will find something to inspire you. What inspires me? I have always had a love of anything creative and colorful. We live in a beautiful state with nature all around us. All the amazing colors around me (in the sky, animals, insects, flowers, etc.) are my inspiration.

After many years in the telecom industry and IT, I have traded in my technical skills to return to my passion and have started Stark Mill Creations.  I encourage you to check out my site that includes a link to my Etsy shop.

Stark Mill Creations

What better way to be a blessing to someone and let them know you are thinking of them, than to send a handmade card? What other gift is so inexpensive, yet priceless… and can bring so much joy?

A handmade greeting card is always received with much appreciation. The fact that someone remembers you and took the time to send a card means a lot.

Many people would love to receive a beautiful, handmade card.

We all know someone who is lonely or hurting. A card can say ‘hello, I’m thinking of you and I care.’ Why not send a card today?

A simple handwritten note of encouragement with a Bible verse can make it even more personal.

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